Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Insurance Coverage

Way back in Davao, I was working then as a secretary of an Insurance agent who deals with Automobile Insurance Policies and Life Insurance Policies.

The difference between getting insurance coverage for cars and a life insurance is that anyone who drives a car knows that auto insurance plans is part of the package of having a car, it's an unavoidable cost of driving while life insurance can be an option for others not to take especially for those who doesn't have enough funds to invest.

Now, choosing a company for your protection can be more stressful most especially that you need to consider a lot of things like for example getting a better car insurance rates, stability of the company, the type of coverage that fits to your needs and the like.

Maybe, getting an insurance for others is not that important maybe because they thought that getting one is just a waste of money or maybe they're just skeptical to get insured because they don't know who to trust their money for investment. However, one thing that we should know is that, getting an insurance it might be a life insurance or a car insurance is not a liability but an additional asset that everybody should appreciate.


hey sheena! said...

wow. i didn't know that. i don't know anything about insurance. thanks for the info. ^__^ btw linked you already. tc!