Monday, October 29, 2007

Mariel's Video

I'm not watching Pinoy Big Brother that much since I don't have time due to the type of my work. However, during my restday I was able to watched the episode where in Mariel Rodriguez was surprised that she'll be one of the housemates, well actually, she's just a guest housemate and not an official celebrity housemate like the others. I keep on searching for that video because the reception of my small size tv is not that good. Alas!! I found it but It can't be embedded, what I can share is only the link. I just find Mariel cute with her reactions. Here's the links: First Scene, Second Scene, Third Scene. Thanks to Sikatpinoy for this video.

Last night, it's Toni's turn but to be continued pa... and I'm going to search for video again because I can't watch it na because I have shift tonight. I just want to find out what's the reaction of Toni.