Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lessons in Love

1. You're the one responsible of whatever actions that you're going to make, so before quitting, think of a hundred times and consult your emotions. Nobody will suffer but you!

2. What you have before will not be yours forever. Enjoy and appreciate it while it's still there. Don't give up easily.

3.Love is not a plain surface, it has its ups and down and you need to work out for it in order for your relationship to endure.

4. Love is not a one way street; it's always two to tango. If you feel you're not loved in return, then at least love yourself and let go of the person.

5. If you’re hurt, appreciate it for a while but never cling to your lost love. You can cry for it but never regret it. Let go and move on.

Don't be afraid to love again because Love will not leave you, it wasn't lost, it's still there in your heart. It's just waiting for the right time and for the right person for you to once feel it. What was lost was the person you have loved.