Monday, October 29, 2007

My Plans of Buying a House

Owning a house is quite expensive and we all know that it's everybody's dream. During my young age I already have that dream to have my own house, of course I don't want to stay for the rest of my life living with my parents. It's not that I don't want to be with them but what I want is to stand on my own. I even told myself then that at the age of 24 I should have bought one for myself. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to materialized that goal that soon. Well, good fortune wasn't my side to have enough funds to pursue it.

Now, I'm still looking forward that I would be able to buy a house that I could say “Mine”. I don't want to rent either. Renting is somewhat tiring and not practical. It's like you keep on paying every month but still the house will not be yours. What I am considering now is to turn into purchasing a bank foreclosure property. These are properties that was held back by the lender because the owner fails to pay the mortgage. The good thing about this foreclosed property is that it can be bought below their market value and usually it's 20% off the actual market value. This means that you can save a lot of money for your other expenses.

How to find a listing of home foreclosure in your area? It's so easy, you may browse it over the Internet, you may just type find house foreclosure.

It's not hard to find foreclosed houses because every year many people lose their homes due to credit problems, unexpected expenses due to unexpected events and during periods of economic stability.

In the United States, foreclosure are on the rise. In Florida itself, it had more houses in foreclosures than any other state and traditionally, it's a great spot for retirement and also for tourism since there's a lot of places to go there for fun and relaxation. So, for those living abroad especially in Florida and is planning to move out and buy their houses why not try getting house foreclosure in Florida? You may save more than what you think.


lengskididoodles said...

buying a property really is a big deal, you may never know when the time is right or if you have already missed the opportunity. i always find my pockets empty and just let those 'tekkie gadgets' be obsolete and passed me by, or just window shop, all those 'tipid' tricks known to man just to be able to have enough savings for the monthly posdated checks. but its worth it.. especially seeing the blueprint of the house you are about to call 'home' and finally realizing its all yours. ^_^